Services Air Compressor

Services Air Compressor

One of our famous activities is major overhauls for all brands of screw compressors, reciprocating compressor
and air blowers of all sizes, from the disassembly, inspection, and repair to the complete assembly
and commissioning of the equipment. New techno machine is also able to perform any type of machining
processes and repaired for internal parts of compressors and air blowers including side plates grinding,
welding and machining of cracked, broken and loose bearing side plates, welding the screw rotors
in case of deflection orwear, internal machining of the housing and the internal part, and re-facing of the rotor.
we are also specialists in the advanced parts manufacturing (APM) and reverse engineering of the spare parts of
compressors and blowers form ring holder,shafts sealing parts, air distributers, bearing housings, seals holder seals,
sleeves, pistons rings, connecting rods , pins, valves and crankshafts .

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Factory: The First Industrial Area Plot no.2 Block 20015 - The western extension of the transit city - Cairo - Egypt.
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